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I have been blogging for months and updating Peachy's Multiply Account and while doing some minor revision in my blog's template, i begin to wonder that i should also start a different blog for Peachy. So, as to separate all the details about her daily adventures. Hope you will enjoy viewing my site and i am looking forward to seeing you always.


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5 Responses to Hello Blog World

  1. Hi Ria, ganda naman ni peachy.. a blogger requested me to make blog for my daughter too but parang di na kaya ng powers ko hahaha.. I followed this one na din, hope you can follow my other blogs too..

    Nostalgic Marveling
    Etcetera Etcetera
    Spice up your LIFE!
    Obstacles & Glories

  2. awww...she's cute! happy new blog!

  3. she is very pretty and adorable..love her tantalizing eyes....:)


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